How to Apply for College

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Applying for college is one of the most exciting experiences in any young person’s life. Its a process that requires much attention to detail though. Therefore you want to get everything right the first time. There are certain steps to follow when you go to apply for college. You should be sure to do all of these things if you want to give yourself the best possible situation.

Choosing a Wide Range of Schools

The first choice is which schools to apply to. It is smart for students to apply to a wide range of different schools. You might have a good idea of where you want to end up. What does it hurt to have some options, though? When you apply to college, choose a number of different options. This will also help you with scholarship negotiations at a later date.

Filling Out the Application
Each college has its own particular application. Some will be done online. Others can only be done in paper form. Whatever the case, you have to fill out this important form. You should take your time on this document. Making a mistake can send a red flag to the admissions committee. It can tell them that you do not show enough attention to detail with the most important things in your life. After you have filled out the application, have someone read over it for you. Check it a few times to make sure that it is free of mistakes.

Applying for Scholarships

Another part of the process is applying for scholarships. Some schools will automatically consider you for scholarships when you apply. Other schools require a separate scholarship application. You will also have to go through the loan application process. Whether you want college loans or some government loan, this is a part of the college application process that you cannot avoid.

Letters of Recommendation and Essays
Many colleges will ask you to write one or more essays. These can be about any number of different topics. Some will ask why you chose to apply to the school. Others will ask for a personal statement about your life. These are very important. They give you a chance to tell a story. They also give you a chance to showcase your writing ability.

The other thing to remember are the letters of recommendation. You will usually be required to provide two letters to the college in question. Choose teachers who know your work the best. These will be the recommending forces that will help you the most.

Best Miami Colleges

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Miami is a vibrant city of diverse cultures and opportunities. It has a rapidly growing arts scene, beautiful beaches and water views. In addition, its average temperature is in the low 80s. So, it is no wonder that many people searching for a desirable place to pursue their higher education look to a Miami college. For the prospective student, there are a number of colleges and universities to choose from.

With several campuses, Florida International University is a public institution that offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition, it boasts the only public medical and law schools in south Florida.

The University of Miami, ranked among the top 100 schools in America, is a private university. It is renowned as a research center and is home to the University of Miami Medical Center, where it offers both medical degrees and programs in biomedical sciences. It has a law school as well as highly regarded schools of engineering, education, architecture and arts and sciences.

Barry University is a private Catholic institution where a student can choose from a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school of education offers specialist programs, such as reading, counseling and Montessori education, for state certification. It has a school of podiatric medicine and offers programs in many other health related disciplines. Barry University also has a law school.

St. Thomas University is another private university in the Catholic tradition which also sponsors a law school. In addition, it has schools of science, leadership, business and theology where a number of different degrees can be attained.

Miami International University of Art & Design caters to students preparing for careers in the creative fields. It offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in fashion design and merchandising as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in media arts and design.

Johnson and Wales University has four campuses throughout the nation and has a career oriented approach to education. At its Miami campus, degrees are offered in culinary arts, hospitality, business and criminal justice. Liberal arts and science courses are also available.

The largest educational institution in the country is also located in Miami. Miami Dade College, is a public college offering associate’s degrees in a wide variety of subjects on 8 campuses and in many outreach centers to over 175,000 students.

A prospective student can pick from these or several other fine institutions and enjoy college life enriched by the city of Miami itself.

Why College Grads are Starting Businesses

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A decade ago, a college graduate could breath a sigh of relief and feel relatively comfortable that his future job prospects were promising. Today, college grads leave school and may feel overwhelmed with the “real world” in today’s not so bright economy. Many college grads have opted to start their own businesses, rather than venture into corporate America. Here are some of the reasons:

Unemployment Rates – College graduates must confront historically high unemployment rates. Fewer corporations and small businesses are hiring, so those that are have hundreds or thousands of potential candidate’s resumes to sift through. Today’s grads are competing against some business professionals who have been laid off, but have decades of applicable work experience. Some college graduates have decided to circumvent this problem by opening their own business.

Experience - College grads who are looking for their first job often encounter the traditional Catch 22: They can’t get a job because they lack experience, but they can’t get that experience without someone hiring them. Opening their own business lets these former students establish themselves in the business world, get applicable experience and broaden their professional network.

Technology - According to Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, some college grads have decided to open their own online businesses since they have the technological know-how to create their own website and online business venture. With a low overhead cost, an online business opens a new avenue for a young college grad who wants to get his name out there, but enjoys an unconventional business. Technology also helps recent college grads set their own schedules and use communication devices to operate and network the business. College grads who had late classes or who are opposed to the 9 to 5 schedule can operate their own online business at their leisure and text, IM, email, tweet and post information at a time that is convenient for them.

Other Trends – Some college grads have decided to go back to school to pad their resume or get an MBA online to help expand their skill set for the financial market place. Some college grads combine an MBA online program with the operation of their own business. If you are a college grad who is thinking about opening your own business, offers an informative website on methods to get started, as well as a list of the pros and cons of starting your own business.


Medical Billing and Coding – Schools and Colleges

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Medical billing and coding are the two most vital roles in the area of healthcare and hospitals. A certified medical coding professional is trained in how to convert the medical services into the universal medical code numbers, which are used in billing. A student from any of the AHIMA or CHIMA accredited medical billing and coding schools will learn how to choose the codes to bill the insurance companies and clients. And thus the medical professionals get paid. This can be a great career, only if the person is deterministic and has a great interest in the healthcare field.

Many medical billing and coding schools offer to train you the coding and billing to the professional level of certification. There is also consent to study both the billing and coding, or one can only train in any one of the field. It is very important to know which field you want to study before picking up any of the schools. But one should do all the research about the Medical billing and coding schools, before joining. It would be useful to list down all the schools available and note down all the details about them like, the coaching professionals, campus orientation, availability of online education and placements. It is also recommended that the one joining these schools need to take a look on the fee structure, and the chances of institution providing financial support.

Medical billing process includes several procedures such as, details of the patient and insurance details should be collected, nature of the medical problem should be obtained, attain the medical codes from the coders, creation of appropriate medical claims based on the billing rules, medical claims are checked for the complete information, claiming the medical transmission, submission of claims to insurance company and finally follow up and settling the payments. The career in medical billing and coding field is growing a lot in the recent years mainly because of the reasons; the educational requirements are less compared to any of the other medical professionals, the pay arguably good, demand for the billers and coders increasing as new hospitals and clinics opening each day, technology has been improved hence making less manual work, the professional can work for numerous organization and even from home. 

Choosing a Nursing Degree

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By Virginia Tutoring Services

So you’ve decided on a career in nursing, but you don’t quite know where to start. Some common questions you might ask are — What nursing degree is best for me? Or, which nursing school should I enroll in?

Basically, there are only two types of nursing degrees: one in Licensed Practical Nursing which is also known as Licensed Vocational Nursing in some areas, and another in Registered Nursing. An LPN degree may serve as your starting point, and for this you will only need a high school diploma or GED, to get accepted into a program. This program is generally offered in community colleges and technical schools, and rarely in state universities. You can also find LPN programs in private, for-profit schools such as Galen, Kaplan, Keiser, and the University of Phoenix .

LPNs earn less than registered nurses and work under the direction of registered nurses. Some hospitals will not hire LPNs and only hire registered nurses.

At the same time, unlike that of an LPN, a degree in registered nursing also guarantees career advancement opportunities for you. An RN may move on to hold a managerial position. Of course, being an LPN first is a good step towards earning that RN degree. You can already complete an LPN degree in about a year, get a job, and then take online LPN to RN programs while working. This means that you’ll already be earning while studying to become a registered nurse. Plus, some employers may offer to help defray the cost of your continuing education, provided you stay with them for a number of years

Another way to do this is by getting an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, which takes two years, or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, which takes four years. Programs for these two are offered in most community colleges, private schools, and state universities. Due to the high demand for nursing education, private, for-profit schools are opening up to offer two-year Associate’s Degree in Nursing Programs.

Once you get an Associate’s Degree in nursing you are a Registered Nurse. If you want to earn more money and increase your hiring potential, you can working while taking classes part-time to get a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing. Often your employer will pay for some or all of your educational expense.

Most registered nurses who go on to become ward managers are BSN degree holders at the very least. In some hospitals, a master’s degree in nursing to qualify.

So which route is best? It all depends on your circumstances. Would you like to earn a degree faster and start working right away?. An LPN degree will get you working more quickly. Of course, if you’re after securing a stable, high-paying job and perhaps a management-level position, then the more direct way is to take an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. That is, if you also have the resources and time concentrate fully on schooling for the next two to four years.

Tips to help you write a term paper

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Writing term papers is a science and an art that not everybody can excel in. It is a skill that is learned, which you can gain and apply throughout your college and university years. These proven and tested steps for writing a term paper will guarantee a good foundation for your custom writing papers at college and relieve you from the everyday struggle with the writer’s block and the never – ending pressure from approaching deadlines:

Choose a good term paper topic and make sure that raises questions that you would like to answer. It should invokes strong feelings within you.
Pick a topic that you will be able to find authoritative information about it and one that provides intellectual challenges or forces you to reflect on what you think.

You should also find a focus for your research. List whatever you already know, and then turn to brainstorm questions you would like to answer through your research. Ask yourself the following questions:What is my tentative focusing question? or How other questions might help me explore that particular focus?

Make sure you always give yourself enough time to work and research uUnless you plan to take help from a custom paper writing service, for an average length term paper you should give yourself almost a month for collecting materials, writing your first draft, and polishing your term paper until it is perfect. At a bare minimum you should give yourself a week or two.

Another way to help speed up the term paper process would be to use note cards to record the notes from each source you have utilized while writing your term paper. Number all your note cards to keep a track of them and write down all bibliography information on a separate index card. This would help you identify footnotes and citations.

You could also use your note cards and information to write a rough draft of your term paper. As you have written your draft, use the numbered footnotes to credit sources from which you have taken quotations or the major ideas.

Did you know that online degrees are accepted by employers?

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Did you know that online degrees are accepted by employers? If you earn your degree from a prestigious, accredited institution, there is no reason why employers would dismiss it. Employers now recognize the importance of technology in imparting education and are also aware of the improvement in the quality of online college degrees, which is why they are likely to treat them at par with a traditional degree.

Many think that an online degree programs are easier than classroom degrees but this is perhaps the biggest mistake that students make when enrolling in an online program. Before you commit yourself to an online degree, you should be aware that not only do they have the same curriculum and difficulty level as on campus degrees, but they also require a lot of independent study. You will probably be juggling your education with other commitments and need both discipline and focus to stay on top of your coursework.